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Complete Paint Job


Let’s talk paint. What better way to make your vehicle looks like new than a fresh, vibrant paint job. Providing one of the best auto body painting services in Texas, Mike’s Auto Body is ready to impress you with a complete paint job.

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Complete Paint Jobs

Complete paint jobs require a bit more than just applying a coat of paint. Our techs follow a tedious process to make sure every inch of your vehicle looks great. That includes blemish elimination and surface preparation.
Chances are your car probably has a few dings scratches or dents – even if you don’t need a complete paint job because of an accident. Before applying any paint our team will get rid of those blemishes so your complete paint job goes on smoothly.


Complete Paint Jobs

Now what can you do to ensure your complete paint job keeps its appearance for years to come? Proper car care is key. Here are a few things to remember after leaving Mike’s Auto Body with your new paint job:
• Park in the shade whenever possible but avoid trees
• Wash your car regularly
• Wax your car every three to four months
Ready to take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level? Start with a complete paint job from Mike’s Auto Body.

Repair Process

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