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3 Stage Paint


The 3-stage paint job has been around for years, and so has Mike’s Auto Body. We know this process, and with repetition comes precision – you can count on our techs to make your vehicle’s paint look flawless.

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3 Stage Paint Correction

This three-step paint process is sandwiched between two additional steps – preparation and protection. That’s because before any painting is done we need to prep the surface and remove any blemishes or elements that can cause swirl marks during buffing. After prepping washing and drying your vehicle’s surface we’ll apply masking tape around sensitive areas like trim pieces and emblems.
Now we move onto the 3-stage paint correction process which starts with buffing and cutting. Using either a rotary machine or dual action polisher we get rid of deep scratches and swirl marks. Step two is paint refinement. Finally
we’ll polish or “jewel” the paint.


3 Stage Paint Correction

After we complete the 3-stage paint correction we still need to protect the new paint job. We’ll work with you to determine the type of protection you prefer such as 30-day protection sealants all the way up to a five-year ceramic coating. After we apply your chosen protection we’ll inspect the vehicle and make sure it’s good to go. Your satisfaction with the finished result is our priority.

Repair Process

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