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Something wrong with your transmission? Bring your vehicle to us for a computer diagnostic test so we can learn more about the issue, then we’ll handle it from there. Easy!

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Not all transmission problems are involved costly issues that need a full transmission replacement. Many times the transmission simply need a flush to get the grime and sludge out a fluid change or a filter replacement.
No matter what the issue may be we’ll communicate with you every step of the way so you’re not blindsided by repairs replacements or costs. Our goal is to get you back on the road as safely and efficiently as possible.


Repair, or Replacement

What kind of transmission services do we offer? Here are some of the most common procedures we perform on vehicles of all makes and models:
• Filter change
• Fluid change
• Fluid leak repair
• Needle bearings repair
• Solenoid repair
• Transmission flush
• Transmission rebuild/replacement
When it comes to mechanical fixes like those needed for your vehicle’s transmission we’re here to ease the burden. Bring your vehicle to Mike’s Auto Body where we’ll ask a few questions and perform a diagnostic test to see what’s going on with your transmission.

Repair Process

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As insurance claim specialists, we’re approved by all major insurance carriers. Let our friendly staff give you a free estimate for your interior repairs.

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