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SRS (Safety Restraint System)


Is your ‘SRS’ (supplemental restraint system) light illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard? This dash warning light means your airbags are disabled, which is a serious safety issue. We’ll check it out for you.

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Supplemental Restraint

You probably know your airbags are one of the most important safety features in your vehicle. These passive safety devices are there for you if and when you need them – in the event of an accident – and it’s nice to drive with the assurance that they will function properly.
But if your SRS warning light comes on you need to visit a trusted auto body shop to get this safety issue resolved. Something has created a problem with the Airbag Control Unit and the system is now disabled – meaning if an accident occurs you may not have protection from your airbags.


Safety Restraint System

Your Airbag Control Unit is more complex than you think. Your vehicle sends signals to the unit that include speed angle and severity of a potential impact. The unit uses these signals to activate the safety restraint systems during an accident including airbags seatbelt tension etc.
Our team of experienced technicians knows how to inspect and repair any issues that may be triggering your SRS warning light and causing your safety restraint system to disable. Don’t wait. Bring your vehicle to Mike’s Auto Body today.

Repair Process

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