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Engine Diagnosis


When your vehicle’s ‘check engine’ light turns on, it’s often hard to tell right away what the root of the issue is. Our engine diagnostic system can run a test that will tell us what the problem is, so we can determine how to fix it.

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Engine Diagnostic

There are multiple trouble codes within your vehicle’s electrical system that is read by an electronic diagnosis test when your malfunction indicator lamp (MIL commonly referred to as the check engine light) turns on. When you bring your vehicle to us we’ll keep your car for a few hours and run an engine diagnostic test that will read the sensors in your vehicle and pinpoint the issue.
From there we can work with you to determine the next best course of action – whether it’s repair or replacement what the cost may be and how long we’ll need to keep your vehicle in our shop.


Engine Diagnostic

So what can our engine diagnostic service in Lewisville detect? Our techs will use the system to check the vehicle’s:
• Air flow and coolant
• Brakes
• Engine
• Exhaust system
• Fuel injector
• Ignition coils
• Throttle
• Transmission
• Other major components
Here at Mike’s Auto Body we’re proud to use the latest most innovative electronic diagnostic equipment to ensure quality reliable results. When your check engine light turns on and you don’t know why let us figure it out.

Repair Process

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