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A properly aligned vehicle means improved gas mileage and better handling. If you need a wheel alignment, don’t wait – come see us today.

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Wheel Alignment

How do you know if your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off? These are some of the most common symptoms we look for:
• Accelerated or uneven tire wear
• Pulling to one side or the other when driving straight
• Drifting
• Crooked steering wheel
Our wheel alignment technicians have experience diagnosing and repairing wheel alignment issues as well as every day maintenance to prevent misalignment. Let’s talk.


Wheel Alignment

Simply using your vehicle – and coming into contact with rough roads
potholes curbs or other wear and tear – can knock your wheels out of alignment over time. When that happens your tires won’t track straight or wear evenly which can lead to bigger problems down the road.
When you bring your vehicle to Mike’s Auto Body for affordable wheel alignment in Lewisville we’ll check to make sure alignment is what’s needed and not something else like wheel balancing (which is more of a vibration issue. Costs for these types of alignment services can vary but usually fall somewhere between $50 to $100. It We will keep you in the loop about the diagnosis and estimated costs so you can make the best decisions for your car repairs.

Repair Process

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