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Air Conditioning


Did your vehicle’s A/C stop working when you needed it most, like in the dead of summer? Mike’s Auto Body has you covered. Our quality air conditioning services will ensure you stay cool in your car no matter how sizzling it is outside.

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Air Conditioning

Leaking refrigerant can actually damage your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor if it’s not corrected. That’s why it is so important to find quality air conditioning services as soon as you notice something is wrong. Our team of technicians can find the problem and fix it before any damage from the leaking refrigerant spreads to other areas of the vehicle.
Other problems can result from a faulty air conditioner too – like A/C fittings becoming loose or worn out seals and hoses. Both of those problems can prevent your A/C from producing cool air and there’s nothing more frustrating than sweating in a scorching vehicle with a broken air conditioning.


Air Conditioning

1. Our techs will visually inspect your air conditioning compressor drive belt serpentine belt and all visible components for cracks leaks or other damage.
2. We’ll then check to see how the air conditioning compressor is functioning.
3. If there are no leaks or damage we’ll evacuate the refrigerant and vacuum test it.
4. Last we’ll recharge the air conditioning using the refrigerant your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends.
5. If we do find leaks or damage we’ll recommend the next best steps for A/C repair.

Repair Process

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