Step One—Let’s Get It Rolling

The first step is to prepare an estimate for your vehicle. One of the highly-experienced estimators at Mike’s Auto Body will prepare your estimate, including all labor and parts. The estimator will always give you the completion time for the estimate at that point. Upon its completion, you’ll be asked to sign a repair authorization and then your estimator will receive approval from your insurance company. Now the actual repair can begin!

Step Two—Prep, Parts and Paint
After the estimate is written and approved by you and your insurance company, Mike’s Auto Body orders the parts necessary for your repair. Simultaneously, your vehicle is scheduled for repair, while awaiting the delivery of your parts. The vehicle is then disassembled and re-inspected to see whether or not it requires additional parts or procedures. If more work is needed, a supplement is written and then sent to your insurance company. Once that has been approved, additional parts are ordered, if needed.

Structural and body repairs are done first, which includes the vehicle being set up on unibody repair equipment, when applicable. New panels are then prepared and installed and then the priming, painting and corrosion protection processes take place. 

If everything meets the stringent requirements devised by Mike’s Auto Body, the vehicle is scheduled for paint. Before any painting takes place, the car is pressure washed and chemically cleaned. Then the vehicle is prepped, primed, sanded and sealed, then subsequently taped, bagged, masked, blown off and placed in a down draft spray booth oven. The vehicle then undergoes a multi-step refinishing process.

Step Three—Final Step
This involves reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning work (if needed), washing the vehicle and a final inspection, including a test drive. Once every aspect of the repair is completed, you get the call telling you the good news—your car is ready and it will soon be re-entering your busy life. You meet with your estimator to inspect the repair and once it exceeds your satisfaction, the auto body repair process is complete!


The obvious fact that you need to have your vehicle repaired can cause frustration, confusion and anxiety. Mike’s vision has always been the same–to provide one-stop service while returning your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. One of the ways Mike’s Auto Body simplifies the repair process is by providing company towing services for the needs of their customers. Mike’s Auto Body has partnered with Jordan Towing to offer 24-hour towing and roadside service. Call 972-380-6300